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About Christie

My design style is highly influenced by my background in fine art and from working in various media such as painting, figure drawing, collage, lithography and sculpture.  


I absolutely love the exploration involved in finding the perfect design solution for a space. For me, decorating is the quest to make a room more 

interesting and harmonious by exploring what can be discovered, repurposed and combined.  At the same time, I understand the importance of great communication, a clear plan of action and staying within set budgets. I will always provide explicit pricing and plans for my clients while keeping the lines of communication open from start to finish. 


My favorite homes give you a peek into the lives of the people that live there by containing the things they love most and have assembled all together in one space.  I work with my clients to pull out what matters most to them as well as their interests, hobbies and loves and weave them into the final vision for their home.  Above all, I truly want you to love how you feel in your home.








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